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Hard Times - St. Louis, MO


The Gamblers have had some hard times in the first half of their inaugural season.  Despite some competitive games, the Gamblers have come up winless at 0-5 going into the holiday break.  


All hope is not gone though, as the Gamblers have continued to fine tune their lineup and making some key free agent pickups as they prepare for the 2nd half of the ABA Season.  The task will not get easier as the Gamblers will face a buzz saw of tough teams from the Midwest, but the improving Gamblers are poised to compete and upset some teams along the way.  


Right now, the Gamblers are being led by outstanding play by #5 Emanuel Primer who leads the team in scoring and effort on both ends.  However, the lineup has been improving and will soon be a contender in the ABA South Central Region.  


Watch for the Gamblers to make their mark in the ABA South Central Region this season and for more development in Southern IL throughout the year.

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as of January 5, 2021


1.  Columbus Blackhawks 8-0                  

2.  North Alabama War Dawgs 5-0          

3.  Las Vegas Royals 4-0                           4.  St. Louis Spirits 5-1                              

5.  Chicago Fury 5-1                                  

6.  Hi Desert Pumas  3-0                            7.  Chula Vista Suns 3-0                            8.  Indiana Lyons 3-0                                  

9.  Jackson Showboats 2-1                        

10. San Diego Surf 3-2                              11. Team Trouble 2-1                                 12. Nassau Pride  1-0                                13. Harlem Underdogs 1-0                         14. West VA Warlocks 1-0                          

15. Steel City Yellow Jackets 1-0              

16. NEPA Stars & Stripes 1-0                    

17. Chicago Knights 2-2                            

18. Missouri Capitals 3-3                          

19. Atlanta Storm 2-2                                20. Chicago Angels 1-1                             21. River Region Generals 1-1                  22. Beach Hub Corsos 1-1                        23. Phoenix Knights 1-1                            24. Sacramento World Peace 1-1             25. IE Emperors 1-1