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The Gamblers Are Rollin' - September 19, 2021  St. Louis, MO

After an exciting debut season, the River City Gamblers are back and preparing for the 2021-22 ABA Season.  The ABA is back at full force and this season promises to be one like no other.  


The Gamblers are moving up as well as they will be assigned a permanent market for the upcoming season in Southern Illinois.  Management is anxious to receive the final determination so that they can get involved in that local community.  The most important part of having an ABA team is the impact that our teams can have on our communities.  Southern Illinois is perfect for an ABA team that can have an immediate effect on the most families. Our schools, charities and businesses will all benefit from the excitement of pro basketball.  


The Gamblers are also retooling to compete on a higher level in the ABA Midwest Region.  With the core players returning for next season, the Gamblers are retooling and pursuing some upgrades in the coming tryouts that can make them even more competitive on a national level.  A few key pieces can make a big difference and the Gamblers can be a playoff contender.


Watch for season tickets and events that are coming very soon.  Follow the team at our website at and on Instagram and Twitter all season long.

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