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Beginnings - St. Louis, MO


The Gamblers have made it to the end of the inaugural season and have taken some lumps along the way.  The first season was a very tough one that saw the Gamblers taking some tough losses that could have gone either way.  Nevertheless, there were some bright spots too.


The Gamblers were led by Emmanuel Primer that finished the season as an ABA Allstar nominee.  This was a great honor for a rookie player on a first year team.  The Gamblers did continue to improve as a team throughout the season and managed to set some high expectations for the upcoming 2021-22 season.  


Head Coach, Johnny McKinney is already recruiting for the upcoming season and will bring an even stronger team into the new year.  Also, the Gamblers are looking to settle into their own home market in Southern Illinois.  This will be especially exciting for Gamblers fans as we expand our fan base.  Keep watching for more info to come.  Until then, you've gotta know when to hold em'.

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as of January 5, 2021


1.  North Alabama War Dawgs 11-0

2.  Southwest Desert Cats 9-0

3.  Chicago Fury 12-1

4.  Columbus Blackhawks 11-1

5.  Jacksonville Giants 8-0

6.  Steel City Yellow Jackets 11-2

7.  Team Trouble 9-1

8.  Las Vegas Royals 8-1

9.  Atlanta Storm 9-2

10. Indiana Lyons 9-3

11. Midwest Guardians 8-3

12. Chicago Knights 8-3

13. Chula Vista Suns 7-2

14. St. Louis Spirits 8-4

15. Orange County Novastars 8-4

16. River Region Generals 7-4

17. Southwest Warriors 8-1

18. Nassau County Pride 6-2

19. South Phoenix Knights 7-3

20. Ohio Bruins 5-3

21. Harlem Underdogs 5-2

22. Georgia Gwizzlies 4-3

23. NEPA Stars & Stripes 403                              

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